Technical Specifications:-

Length : 1.80 Mtr Width : 0.80 Mtr
Height : 2:00 Mtr to 10:00 Mtr
Frames Height : 2 Mtr, 1 Mtr & 1.5 Mtr
Castor Wheels: 200 mm with Jack & 150 mm with Jack or without Jack Wooden
Platforms = Standard Platform & Trapdoor Platform Maximum load per Platform 225 kg and for the Entire Tower is 600 kg including Tower.

Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding

Maximum operating height for interior and exterior work is 10 M.

Maximum load per platform is 225 kilo. And for the whole tower is 600 kilo as well as tower self-weight.

The Platform hook of the tower is provided with the wind-lock system. Deck board edge protection by metallic element Deck profile simply to use toeboard system.

The frames association has protection pins to stop accidental removal of the frame.

Equal length braces, Stabilizers, Platforms, Wheel legs, and toeboard is combined with alternative spans fifty series parts.

Single WIdth Aluminum Scaffolding used as higher or lower, merely place your platform on the third rung below the highest of the tower and proper rail height is achieved.

The wheel of mobile access tower constitutes of twin pedal foot operated brake for straightforward in applying the brake and disengage quickly for moving equipped with construction manual and labels.

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